"The subtext of 'couldn’t she have done more?' is always 'oh, she obviously didn’t want to avoid that rape/harassment quite enough.' Whatever the questioner would deem 'sufficient' can always just lie one step beyond what was actually done. Thus it becomes, gradually or all at once, none of the perpetrator’s responsibility and entirely the victim’s. This is a mode of thinking intended to erase one human actor from the equation, leaving only one possible conclusion: Somehow the victim did this to herself."

The perpetrator becomes, by magic, the Man Who Wasn’t There, and we pretend that sexual harassment/violence is some natural phenomenon, like pollen or bad weather, that women just happen to walk into. We pretend that it doesn’t stem from human actions or choices, except the actions or choices of the victim.

Imagine that a man heaves a bucket of cold water all over a woman. Soaked, shocked, the woman appeals to passers-by for help, pointing to the man, who stands there laughing and enjoying her consternation. “Who the hell does he think he is?” asks the woman, but the passers-by completely ignore the man with the bucket. Instead they ask the woman why she wasn’t carrying an umbrella, since she ought to have known it might rain.

That’s right, baby - talk nerdy to me

“I want to nominate a man who’s cool on the outside but who burns for America on the inside. I want – I want a man who believes with no doubt that we can build a new American dream economy, driven by innovation and creativity, by education and, yes, by cooperation. And by the way, after last night, I want a man who had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama.” — Former President Bill Clinton’s Remarks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

"Q: Does Mitt Romney Even Want Your Vote?


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There I made an infographic do you understand now


“'Feisty' is just a word I notice people use when a female is allowed to speak out of turn occasionally, but maintains her sexual desirability.” — Meghan O’Keefe

“There seems to be some quality in human nature where if everybody had the same religion and everybody lived in the same country, probably the black-haired people would hate blondes, and maybe the redheads would be shunned. I don’t know. It seems that some people have to have somebody else to feel superior to and to dislike.” — Stan Lee



  • Under President Obama, taxes are at the lowest point in our history
  • [Obama] has personally signed 18 small business tax cuts into law
  • [Obama] has proposed raising the tax rate for the wealthy from 13% to 35%. Do you know what tax rate middle class Americans pay? 35%. Call it socialism, but the President wants the wealthy to pay their fair share.
  • [President Obama] believes in investment for education, clean energy, Main Street and not Wall Street, etc.
  • Mitt Romney wants the middle class to pay almost $2,000 more in taxes so the wealthy can pay a 0% tax rate.
  • [Romney] wants to implement the SAME policies that caused the recession last time around.
  • Under Obama, 4.4 million private sector jobs have been created in the past four years.
  • Under Mitt Romney’s plan, most new jobs will be outsourced to other countries.
  • [Mitt Romney] supports banning abortion in all cases - even rape and incest.
  • [Romney] supports banning gay marriage and defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.
  • [Romney] supports less gun control, even though we have seen a spree of deadly shootings this summer.
  • [Romney] supports banning homosexual Americans from serving in the armed forces.

Ah - excellence in children’s storytelling.

"Shall I slide down the banister and warm up the supper?"

Miss Zee Coloring Books for Diverse Children


Some Idiot/How Sports Bras Work (by JennaMarbles)

Jenna Marbles did an excellent response to an article about Olympic boobs.

[NSFW for language and sheer awesome]

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong if you DO happen to be broad-shouldered & flat-chested, but this lady is MADE of awesome! And word-to-your-mother-fuck-yes about sports bras! Men just need to shut the hell up all day every day about everything/anything having to do with women’s fashion/appearance/bodies. Get it through your heads, men - YOUR. OPINION. IS. NOT. ESSENTIAL. TO. OUR. EXISTENCE. Nor should it be. Women shouldn’t have to dress/work out/alter themselves for the male gaze. Believe it or not, we do make decisions about our lives that have absolutely nothing to do with TURNING YOU ON. You may make all of YOUR life choices with your DICK in mind, and hey that’s just fine for you. But don’t expect US to make all OUR decisions with YOUR dick in mind, too.